Why Peels?


Meet your new main squeeze, Peels CBD. Made from oranges, it’s the perfect daily partner for a more balanced life. All the powerful benefits of CBD, but derived from citrus peels, not cannabis or hemp. Now everyone can squeeze the most out of each day!

We believe in the superpowers of CBD and know firsthand what an effective alternative it can be for your wellness needs. We also know that unreliable products, confusing consumer information, and inconsistent policies can make CBD intimidating and create skeptics out of those who can benefit.

Cue Peels. Born from a desire to innovate and do something different, we create CBD products that are unrivaled in purity and taste so that everyone can use them safely and reliably. It’s CBD without the worry of cannabis, hemp, or THC. Citrus-derived wellness. Revolutionary, yet accessible. Just the way it should be.



Peels offers the purest, safest CBD on the planet. Our products are made with our proprietary CBD manufacturing process. Peels Citrus-derived CBD is uniquely pure, nature-identical CBD, exactly the same as CBD found in nature. This means it's molecularly identical to CBD produced by the cannabis plant and has the same holistic effects, but is produced at superior quality, safety, and scale.

It’s made from terpenes in ORANGE PEELS, not cannabis or hemp for guaranteed zero THC content. It’s also guaranteed to be free from pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, and bacteria – common contaminants in hemp and cannabis.




Our priority as a company will always be putting our customers first by continuously innovating and developing data-driven products to suit their needs. If you remove the science, innovation, cool packaging, the branding and marketing expertise, you'll find a company built around authentic people and their dedication to live and help others live happier, healthier, and more resilient lives. ​


We aim to be the #1 trusted CBD brand. Peels is committed to providing the purest CBD products in the world, the highest level of transparency, best practices in manufacturing, industry-leading consumer education, and a responsibility to our environment. This is what differentiates our various product lines across the world.


Our products offer relief for all. Peels removes any concerns about failing a drug test, whether you’re an athlete, a teacher, a pilot, or a grandma, making it wellness accessible for all by having no association with hemp or cannabis and guaranteed to be THC-free.